Synthesis Reports

Digital Intermediaries – Final Project Deliverables


D1. Putting the ‘digital’ in Digital Intermediaries: the role of technical infrastructure in building business models. Digital Technology Innovation and Financial Business Practices. Project Deliverable 1 (by Drs John Carter McKnight, Jennifer Ferreira, Mark Perry and Adam Fish)

D2. Interpreting infrastructure: Defining user value for digital financial intermediaries. Drawing from Studies of Use – the value, use and interpretation of infrastructure in digital intermediaries to their users. Project Deliverable 2 (by Drs Jennifer Ferreira, John Carter McKnight, Adam Fish and Mark Perry)

D3. Participatory Design of Digital Intermediaries
Analysis of design workshops providing insights into challenges and opportunities for the providers and users of digital financial services (by Drs Jennifer Ferreira, John Carter McKnight, Adam Fish, Mark Perry and Prof. Sriram Subramanian)

D4. Managing Digital Intermediaries: socio-digital analysis of the design of internet-based social, peer-to-peer financial services
Summary findings from the 3DaRoC project. Addresses how digital technical infrastructures are managed and used in the two retail financial products examined.

D5. Digital Intermediary Exchange Toolkit
Synthesis practitioner report. Its purpose is to serve as a ‘toolkit’ to support entrepreneurs, designers, software developers, legislators and regulators working in the area of innovative alternative financial products (by Drs Mark Perry, John Carter McKnight, Jennifer Ferreira and Adam Fish)

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