Project Partners


Dr Mark Perry (project lead), Department of Information Systems and Computing, Brunel University

Dr Jennifer Ferreira (Research Fellow), Department of Information Systems and Computing, Brunel University

Dr Adam Fish (lead at Lancaster), Department of Sociology, Lancaster University.

Prof. Michael Hulme, CeMoRe, Lancaster University and the Social Futures Observatory

Prof. Sriram Subramanian (lead at Bristol), Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol

Organisational Partners

Zopa – Launched in 2005, Zopa was the very first online ‘peer-to-peer’ lending marketplace anywhere in the world; it has around half a million members who have now lent more than £250 million between each other, all at rates they have agreed between themselves.

the Bristol Pound – launched in 2012, the Bristol Pound is a complementary local currency designed to support Bristol’s independent businesses, strengthen the local economy, keep the high street diverse and distinct, and help build stronger communities; it is the UK’s first city wide local currency, the first to have electronic accounts managed by a regulated financial institution, and the first that can be used to pay some local taxes.