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Taking friction out of banking: how can banks improve the digital experience to retain customers in a competitive market? Remarkably complementary paper to 3DaRoC from experience design consultancy, Beyond

Struggling Chinese companies turn to P2P exchanges to boost cash flow. (paywall)

— Press

Will we still be using cash in 10 years? Some coverage of the project, from the Lancashire Evening Post

Don’t get too smart on payments by phone. Press release.

It’s sound – Bristol Pound encourages community unity. Bristol University News

Don’t get too smart on payments by phone. Talk Retail

Slick Mobile Payments can Rebound on Retailers. Information Security Buzz

— Social Studies of Finance

Social Studies of Finance – broad set of papers from conference on the topic

Leaky data: How Wonga makes lending decisions | Estudios de la Economía.

Social Studies of Finance | socializing finance: socializing finance – blog post on ‘low and high finance’

Social studies of finance | New Combinations. Blog, ‘Learning from the social studies of finance

Online finance should be the next concern, not spying bins – from Technology Org.

How can you see money moving? | Charisma – Consumer Market Studies.

— Digital and Mobile: Payments, Currencies and Money

Josh Ryan-Collins – An invitation to join the e-money revolution | the new economics foundation.

When Cards and ATM’s are the only choice: A fortnight in Cyprus with no banking system, nor trust, by Efthymiou and Michael (2013), discussing what can happen around payments and payment infrastructures when financial systems collapse

Amazon pulls back from mobile payments and ditches Wallet app | Mobile Phones News | TechRadar. Too many market entrants?

Public Displays of Transaction – Digital money as a (problematic) social medium (

Introducing Amazon Coins: A New Virtual Currency for Kindle Fire – Amazon Mobile App Distribution Blog.

Why Amazon’s virtual coins raise my hackles | Internet & Media – CNET News.

2012-11 Digital Money videos – London New Finance (London, England) – Meetup.

Ripplepay. P2P Software solution: “a payment system where everyone is a banker. Connect to your friends, family, and associates and your credit with them becomes a fully-functional currency”

BBC Radio 4 – You and Yours, 13/03/2013 , Mobile Payments, incl. glitches and trust issues

Payment Technogies Workshop | UCI Institute for Money, Technology, and Financial Inclusion. Interesting readings!

Switching from paper to digital systems makes financial services globally accessible (and relevant). Ideo article on designing for mobile finance.

EightySomething (research project with older people, carers, and the financial and third sectors to design provocative and innovative digital technologies)

BBC News – Digital currency: Brave new world or criminal haven?

Big Data: Credit where credit’s due – Algorithmic risk management with social and behavioural data in alternative finance. Part of the FTs excellent series on democratising finance.

Reducing the risk of default for Payday Loans – from the NY Times: automated risk analysis underpinning “fringe alternative scoring models” from social media with ‘big data underwriting’.


New Economic Models in the Digital Economy – addresses ‘what is a new economic model’?

Venmo security: It’s not as strong as the company wants you to think. Credibility issues emerging over peer-to-peer payments (

Understanding Alternative Finance: The UK Alternative Finance Industry Report 2014 | Nesta. Detailed report – examines growth, trends and dynamics within the UK alternative finance sector, including P2P lending.

Democratising Finance: Big banks eye peer-to-peer lending push – from Headline: P2P lending no longer seen a democratising, alternative force in the banking industry.

Google in peer-to-peer lending venture – from

UK peer-to-peer market visualised. Fascinating view into the spatial distribution of activity.

Government boost for peer-to-peer lending –

BBC Radio 4 – Fixing Broken Banking, Peer to Peer Lending.

Peer-to-Peer Finance Policy Summit (summary report from The Finance Innovation Lab)

The Rise of Future Finance | Nesta: ‘results from the first ever survey of UK alternative finance intermediaries’

Collaborative Finance, mapping closely to the domain of 3DaRoC; describes what it is, who does it and why they do it.

Finance Innovation Lab, links on Social Finance and the Sharing Economy.

2012-12 Social Media in Finance videos – London New Finance (London, England) – Meetup.

Peer-to-peer lending boom could make banks obsolete – Business News – Business – The Independent.

CBI: Guide to forms of alternative finance. Report on varieties and flavours of the emerging forms of alternative finance.


IJCCR | International Journal of Community Currency Research. ‘The global open-access journal for research and analysis of community and complementary currencies’. Interesting and *free* academic resource on this topic.

Research on alternative currencies and exchange systems – University of Cumbria.

Local and Interest-Free Currencies, Social Credit and Informal Credit Systems.

Carbon currencies: A new gold standard for sustainable consumption? by Gill Seyfang. pdf

— Brixton Pound

Lessons in monetary theory from complementary currencies. Case studies of the Brixton Pound and Swiss WIR underlining the socially and politically constructed nature of money. – Josh Ryan-Collins, NEF.

Interview with Brixton Pound co-founder Susan Steed. —

New Electronic Payment System announces – ‘tap and pay‘. New digital solution for an alternative currency.

— Bristol Pound

So you want to invent your own currency? Brett Scott – Aeon Magazine.

Video: Bristol Pound founder Ciaran Mundy on launching a new currency

BBC News – Bristol Pound launched to keep trade in the city.

Josh Ryan-Collins – Bristol Pound marks new era for local money | the new economics foundation.

Community Currencies?  what money is and the design of currencies, from QOIN, developers of the infrastructure underlying the Bristol Pound

— Bitcoin

The Paradoxes of Distributed Trust: Peer-to-Peer Architecture and User Confidence in Bitcoin — article by Mallard, Méadel and Musiani, in the Journal of Peer Production; esp. interesting as it focuses in on infrastructures.

The state of Bitcoin. Figures for Q2 2014 —

My life on Bitcoin – slightly bizarre, but interesting article on the tribulations of actually spending BitCoin (from GQ Magazine)

The Coming Digital Anarchy – extending the infrastructure of BitCoin (the blockchain) to non-financial services (from the Telegraph)

Suitpossum: Post-Crisis Adventures in Financial Subversion: How to explain Bitcoin to your grandmother

BBC News – Bitcoin virtual currency can now be used to pay for pizza.

BBC News – The Bitcoin bubble (Warning: The value of your investment may go down as well as up)

Bitcoin: more than just the currency of digital vice | Technology |

Bitcoin event:

Bitcoin ATM appears in Zurich — CoinDesk

BBC News – Virtual cash exchange becomes bank – Bitcoin-Central becomes a Payment Services Provider (PSP) with an International Bank ID.


— The Future of Money

Dabbling in the future of payment: A week of Apple Pay and Google Wallet — Engadget

Hacked Screenshots Show Friend-To-Friend Payments Feature Hidden In Facebook Messenger — TechCrunch

The Future of Money-Like Things — The Atlantic

End of physical currency a ‘reality’, says Visa — The Telegraph

The Case For Cash. Part One. Dispelling the myths around cash (starting on page 10). — By Currency Research

The Memory Bank » Money in an Unequal World – “The key to economic democracy is to focus on the money instruments themselves which are changing in response to the repersonalization of economic life in a world of cheap information. The paper reviews the evidence for such change and considers the future of money” with links to book by Prof. Keith Hart, financial anthropologist.

The Cashless Society | Historical and contemporary perspectives on the future of money. Blog on the future of money.

2013-02 Challenger Banks videos – London New Finance (London, England) – Meetup.

Alternative Finance – The Bottom Line “, with Evan Davies (video)

— The Future of Banking

10 Innovations For The Bank Of The Future. Automation!! Algorithms!! Which of these will be around in 2020? — Wall Street Journal

Lloyds plans move towards ‘digital’ high-street bank. “Three years ago, Lloyds had no customers using mobile technology, yet it estimates 5 million did so this year,” — The Guardian

— Policy, and Bank of England on Money

The relationship between banknotes and the vouchers of local currency. — Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin 2013 Q4

Money in the modern economy: an introduction – easy to read review piece, covering e-money. Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin 2014 Q1

Banking 101 Video Course » Positive Money: how banks work, how money is created, the ‘money multiplier’, money vs. credit, and how money is ‘destroyed’.

Mobile money regulation: A story arc of best practices and emerging realizations (Bill Maurer)